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I set myself the goal of finishing Pride and Prejudice in 3 days. I really wanted to finish at least ONE of the books for AP English on time. Of course this meant neglecting Atlas Shrugged to the extreme.

But I did it! I finished it and it made me feel all romantic WHILE expanding my mind. Bridget Jones has NOTHING on this. [Bridget Jones, btw, was based off of Pride and Prejudice. Hence why the main character's name is Darcy.] The vocabulary in this book is amazing. It's a great way to learn SAT words.

All of that aside, though, I think that Elizabeth Bennet is a heroine who was definitely ahead of her time. I find it really sad that because women had no economic independence in those days, they were so dependent on finding a man to marry. They didn't have the luxury of doing it for love, they had to do it out of necessity. Throughout the book I definitely gave thanks for the significant advances in women's rights that have occurred since then. It makes me angry that some women think that it would be better to regress to the 1850s.

Elizabeth is an awesome chick because she's so well-spoken. Unlike many of the other female characters in the book, she is not frail or intimidated by men - even those who are in positions of power over her. She isn't afraid to speak her mind. Anyone who's dumb enough to cross her will leave feeling royally pwned.

I'd like to possess as much grace and wit as Elizabeth....without having to wear a corset or be badgered by my cousin's snooty patroness. =]

A lot of the guys in AP English definitely aren't going to appreciate this one...as befits a story taking place among the English nobility, there's a lot of talking and not a lot of stuff blowing up. It's kind of sad that some parents raise their sons to have the emotional IQ of rocks. Nevertheless, Pride and Prejudice was amazing and I'd definitely like to reread it in the future.
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