Jasmine Ann (magenta_markers) wrote in inmirkwood,
Jasmine Ann

Household Gods

I am Charlotte Simmons went out with a whimper, instead of a bang. Although it was absorbing, I'm def glad it's over, I think it killed a couple million brain cells.

I first read Household Gods when I was in 7th grade...I haven't been able to find a copy in bookstores since then, so I thought that it had gone out of print. Interestingly enough, it hasn't...I bought a brand new copy from Amazon.com. My local Barnes and Noble just happens to suck.

Household Gods is the story of a stressed out single mom, stuck in a dead end job, who prays to be resurrected in the Roman Empire. She's really really clueless about what living in the ancient world is really like, and she finds that out the hard way.

I, initially, wasn't crazy about the main character, as she seemed to spend a crap-load of time whining. But now I'm really getting to admire her. Despite her occasional shortsightedness and cluelessness, she definitely exhibits some inner strength. She's not a damsel in distress..she's taking care of herself just fine.

This book totally underlined one of the bad points of a lot of fiction: NO BODILY WASTE.
I'm not even joking. I mean, I'm sure that Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler did the number 2, but you never hear about it. And all those fantastical wizardly people in books like Abarat and Lord of the Rings...did they have magical toilets? And why is it that the people at Hogwarts can do crazy things like Apparate and they still rely on old-fashioned Muggle indoor plumbing?

I want to hear more about FANTASY TOILETS, yo.
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