Jasmine Ann (magenta_markers) wrote in inmirkwood,
Jasmine Ann

On This is All

Wow. It's finally finished..and boy did it take a long time. I'm kind of relieved, and I'm not let down like I often am with other stories. I would like to know more about Cordelia Kenn, but I felt like it was a natural ending point for the story. And I'm satisfied knowing what I know, and that is all.

I wasn't expecting more than the typical young adult novel..full of silly cliches about girls and boys and love. But I definitely got a lot more. And the book helped me examine my relationships with my family, friends and with myself. It also helped me to think about my impending adulthood [which is amazingly scary, but it'll happen whether I want it to or not.]

What does being a woman mean? It's about a lot more than periods and boobs, that's for sure. Being a woman today, in particular, involves a lot of struggles, and often a lot of sacrifice. Women are assaulted with so many ideals today, and society generally forces them to choose.

What does first love mean? How do we know it's honest? Does love help people grow or does it more often hold them down? Should we be easily forgiving, or no-nonsense? What's the difference between the different types of love, and what makes some kinds more highly regarded than others?

This is All certainly didn't provide answers to all of these questions, but it made me think, certainly.
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