Jasmine Ann (magenta_markers) wrote in inmirkwood,
Jasmine Ann

Finishing Black like Me

So yeah. A sad and poignant book that dragged at the end. Screw that. >_<

I think the book got better as I went along, and had a lot of insight, but even at the end I felt like he was being condescending. Something in the tone of his voice just seemed soo self-righteous. "OMG LOOK EVERYONE I HELPED THE NEGROES."

Um....I need to read Pride and Prejudice, but I also want to get through Atlas Shrugged and Ines of my Soul. I won't get any significant reading done until the late part of this week, because Silver Knights and a bunch of other crap is all due at the same time. Arrrrrgh.

So far, though, Atlas Shrugged is crazy gritty industrialism, and I dislike all the characters for being so freakin cold.
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