Jasmine Ann (magenta_markers) wrote in inmirkwood,
Jasmine Ann

regarding Ines of my Soul.

I really like Isabel Allende because her books always feature really strong and multifaceted female characters. I was amazed by her book Daughter of Fortune; definitely an unconventional romance, and an unconventional journey. It shattered all preconceptions about 'chick lit', about Hispanic literature, about everything, and I really enjoyed it. Ines of my Soul had a lot to live up to; predictably, it fell short.

Apparently the novel was based on the real-life founding of Chile; reading the amazing things Ines Suarez went through truly astonished me. But I feel like there was too much emphasis on the history and not enough focus on Ines. The fun part about writing historical fiction is that one gets to have some fun with the characters within the bigger picture. Allende didn't really take advantage of that. Instead she spent a lot of time narrating tedious battle scenes, and the personal histories of Ines's equally tedious spouses.
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